The data is so old it is almost obsolete. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has brought out its report on the incidence of

A conference on biotechnology in Bangalore failed to live up to its hype

Experts criticise the Karnataka government for its inability to clean up the city s air

S Vishwanath, a Bangalore based engineer and planner, started the Rainwater Club to help people manage rainwater efficiently. He spoke to Binayak Das about his work and the viability of rainwater harvesting

In a recent move to put an end to the inopportune methods for disposing municipal solid waste , a division bench of the Supreme Court has directed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to start

Weighed down by extremely high levels of particles in the air, some Indian cities seem to be coming of age with regard to vehicular air pollution. Taking the cue from Delhi, where the drive to clean the air is spearheaded by the Supreme Court at the behes

There is a need for better communication between the government and the people

There is a large support of a passive nature, but no outcry against air pollution

residents of Tannery Road in Bangalore are facing a potable water crisis because tanneries located in the area are

The Bangkok city administration revived its anti-exhaust campaign by launching 20 motorcycle patrol teams to nab smoke-belching vehicles that may have eluded stationary checkpoints. The teams, each