Bees are dropping like flies in Colorado, with some pollinators seen dying in midflight, scaring some homeowners into getting rid of pesticides on their properties.

MPs raise concerns over Government relying on research funded by pesticide manufacturers to determine the harm their products cause to bees

Insect-eating birds are in decline in parts of the Netherlands where farmers have used pesticides that are suspected of killing bees vital to crop pollination, a study showed on Wednesday.

Insect pollination is a vital ecosystem service that maintains biodiversity and sustains agricultural crop yields. Social bees are essential insect pollinators, so it is concerning that their populations are in global decline.

The suitable agro-climate, plenty bee flora and immemorial practice with rich traditional knowledge offers enormous potential for development and success of apiculture in the state of Nagaland.

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Neurotoxic pesticides blamed for the world's bee collapse are also harming butterflies, worms, fish and birds, said a scientific review that called on Tuesday for tighter regulation to curb their u

If approved, up to one-third of UK oilseed rape crops could be treated with neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoid pesticides are causing significant damage to a wide range of beneficial species and are a key factor in the decline of bees, say scientists.

Almost a quarter of Europe's bumblebees are at risk of extinction due to loss of habitats and climate change, threatening pollination of crops worth billions of dollars, a study showed on Wednesday