BHUBANESWAR: Two new rice varieties - Swarna Sub-1 and IR.64 Sub-1 - developed by International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines, combining high-yield potential with high degree of tolerance to submergence, have proved as a boon for flood-prone area farmers of South Asia, including Orissa.

PARADIP: Though the spread of swine flu abated, the State Government has geared up all its machinery to handle a possible outbreak of the flu in the State since hundreds of foreign vessels anchor at Paradip port.

BHUBANESWAR: As the oil from the jatropha seeds is now used for making biodiesel, the State Government has decided to take up jatropha plantation on a massive scale under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS).

BHUBANESWAR: Admitting that drinking water supply and water for farming comes in the priority category of the State Government, Chief Secretary Ajit Kumar Tripathy today said that the industrial houses must adopt special measures through their community social responsibility (CSR) programmes.

BHUBANESWAR: The surface water is going down with rising temperature and perhaps with an ever-increasing population. The depleting ground water table in many areas is found with a 12-25 feet fall in water level in wells.

BHUBANESWAR: The development financial support to Orissa by NABARD has touched an all time high of Rs 2,043 crore during 2008-09 posting a growth rate of 68 per cent over the previous year.

BHUBANESWAR: As part of its efforts to stop the entry of genetically modified (GM)

BHUBANESWAR: As part of its

BHUBANESWAR: How safe are the vegetables you eat or more specifically, the raw salads you munch as an appetiser?

BHUBANESWAR: The much awaited Tata Nano has finally arrived in the market. The vehicle that was commercially launched on March 23 was unveiled at Swapna Motors here Friday for the first time in the State where it remains for display.