Babies raised on formula feed are twice as likely to be obese at five-

Early exposure to mosquitoes may help develop resistance to malaria where chances of infection are high

Breastfeeding by Hiv infected women transfers the virus to the infants, says a study

What makes a kid more intelligent than his peers? Mother's milk might hold the answer

Mothers in Japan have been warned to cut down on breast feeding their babies as breast milk has suddenly become harmful for infants

Mothers should breast-feed their babies for at least the first year as

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Scientists have for long propagated that breast feeding is perfect for babies and fulfils their total nutritional requirements for the first six months. Realising its importance, Brazil has launched

Although providing milk to the new-born is the exclusive role of mothers, Charle Snowdon and his team from the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Centre, US, have reported that the hormone

baby food manufacturers have been found guilty of violating international codes which seek to safeguard infants' health. A study released recently by the Interagency Group on Breastfeeding