marburg hemorrhagic fever: Following two cases of Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Uganda, scientists are collecting bats from the country's lead and gold mines where the victims had worked. Around five

Mother could be passing on toxins through breast milk

After finding high levels of dioxin related compounds in breast milk of women living near landfills, a Vadodara based non governmental organisation intends to file a public interest litigation PIL against the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and the Vado

In april this year, California became the first us state to introduce a bill to biomonitor breast milk. Activists and researchers hope that once this legislation is passed, it will help people realise that mothers pass on toxic material to their offspring

Presence of pollutants such as PCBs in mothers milk and blood restrains children s growth

S K Kabra , associate professor in the paediatric pulmonology division of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi talks to Nidhi Jamwal about

How formula feed can be enriched with nutrients found in breast feed

The benefits of breastfeeding babies include better intelligence, lower risk of cancer and asthma, and much more...

Mother's milk contains carcinogenic toxins. But health authorities still advocate breast feeding as the benefits far outweigh the risks. According to a report of the Com