Population of Rhizopertha dominica Fab.

Honey, being a natural product manufactured by honey bees is considered to be free from any extraneous material. The over-reliance on pesticides caused several environmental problems including pesticide residues in food. This constitutes a potential risk for human health, because of their sub acute and chronic toxicity.

Experiments have been carried out on the impact of commonly used pesticides on the population of earthworms and enchytraeids in rice-wheat cropping system.

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Studied were conducted to monitor the terminal pesticide residues in unpolished, polished and parboiled rice. Fifteen rice varieties were collected from Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Titabar of Assam Agricultural University during 2002. Each variety was tested in terms of unpolished, polished and parboiled form, for the presence of pesticide residues.

The samples of okra and brinjal fruit and soil collected from non-IPM and IPM fields were analyzed for insecticides viz chlorpyriphos, cypermethrin and monocrotophos, widely used in these crops in adopted village Raispur, in Ghaziabad District (UP).

Pesticides Action Network s report says Americans carry high pesticide levels in their bodies