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Is it right to experiment with the foetus? The US preparesfor another 8 controversial medical experiment

The Supreme Court in India suspends the right of an AIDS infected person to marry

Just when we thought that the threat to the ozone layer is over, it rears it head again. Vast forest fires in Indonesia over the last year have produced a large cloud of an ozone-destroying chemical,

The just concluded international conference on climate change in Buenos Aires saw the developing countries ranged against the US which was trying to impose greenhouse gas reduction targets on them. The US also managed to win over developing countries

Developing countries have a reputation for lacking political strategy when it comes to international negotiations. They have been slow in recognising a clear ally in the European Union. At COP 4 the delegations of at least two European countries,

The US media made no effort to help the US public understand the issues confronting the globe

Nearly 50% of carbon pollution will come from fossil fuels produced by just 20 private and state-owned companies, if all pending mergers of top energy producers are approved, says a new study. The

Employment levels and overall US economic growth would grow if a range of early and aggressive measures to curb carbon emissions were put into place, according to a World Wildlife

Images taken by US intelligence satellites have been declassified for use by scientists investigating the effects of global warming on polar ice caps. US vice president Al Gore announced the