The impasse in the climate negotiations runs very deep, and is ultimately rooted in the nature and limits of the current development model. That said, there is a great deal that could be done to build momentum and prepare for the global emergency mobilisation that is needed. Up to this point, however, con!icts and tensions between the ‘North’ and the

This paper argues that an emergency climate stabilization program is needed, that such a program is only possible if the international effort-sharing impasse is decisively broken, and that this impasse arises from a severe, but nevertheless

An impasse threatens the international climate negotiations. This impasse

While the climate debate is raging, the climate negotiations themselves are barely moving. Finger pointing seems to be the name of the game, with each negotiating bloc focused on passing the bill for solving the climate crisis onto the others. The process as a whole is in impasse, and it's time to admit it, as it's time to admit that disagreements about fairness and equity are at the centre of the impasse.

It can only come from the South