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Contact lenses have undergone

A new energy programme developed by the Sierra Club, Canada, in collaboration with the Climate Action Network

To study the role of snow and ice in the global watercycle and in the world climatic system, research methods should be further standardized and inform from different region integrated. Representing these field of research, the International Commission on Snow and Ice (ICSI) has already made some guideline studies on the runoff prediction and evaluation.

Robert T Watson of the US got

Global warming has led to the early rejuvenation of vegetation in spring, a phenomenon that is causing a change in the annual carbon dioxide cycle. The northern hemisphere in particular, welcomes spring earlier now

the unseasonal showers in the northern parts of the country in the recent months were initially passed off as

Water in acid lakes formed after the abandonment of mining activities can now be treated with a technique that manipulates the properties of iron based heavy metal contaminants called ferrites

Researchers have cracked the mystery behind parental aloofness among egrets as their elder offspring bloodily snuff the life out of their youngest

Mind-body intervention psychotherapy: includes combining medication with discussion, listening to the patient or using more active behavioural and emotive psychological methods; can hasten recovery

The US National Cancer Institute has found that Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK) 4 and 5, ayurvedic formulations developed by the Maharishi International University, significantly inhibit cancer cell