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Sewage sludge - the solid waste that is left over after sewage has been treated - is being turned into electricity by Thames Water. The electricity generated at 22 sewage treatment works will be

Strong support for renewable energy and a desire for more information on the expected economic impacts of climate change are among the findings of the UK government's public consultation on climate

There could be few less obvious solutions to the problems of global warming than making more cars and concrete. But the idea of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and using them as a raw

It is now too late to halt global warming and time is fast running out to prevent other environmental catastrophes, the U.N.'s environment agency said in a major

Global warming has forced Australia's rarest marsupials to seek refuge on the country's highest mountains with no avenue for further retreat, researchers said on Monday. Australian governement

Politicians must work harder to agree on mechanisms to limit the emission of greenhouse gases if the Kyoto protocol on climate change is to be implemented, a senior United Nations official said

Sulphur emissions from cargo ships are causing ocean and coastal pollution and affecting scientific understanding of global climate change, researchers said.

The National Ice Center in Washington has warned that a huge iceberg is threatening shipping between South America and Antarctica. The iceberg named B-10A, measures 24 by 48 miles and is in the

Right now, the global warming debate bears an eerie resemblance to the smoking debate several decades ago. Back then, smokers might have been wheezing and coughing, but the tobacco companies were

Indian industry is willing to take part in the clean development mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto protocol of 1997, if a national mechanism is set up to ensure that the industry does not have to sell