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More and more libraries are incorporating computer networks in their effort to reach the entire world.

PARTICLE physicists at Fermilab near Chicago may have sighted the elusive "top" quark, one of the smallest constituents of matter (Science, Vol 258, No 5086; New Scientist, Vol 136, No 1851). An

Babies less than six months old have the surprising abilities to distinguish shapes, sizes and colours. Now, a study indicates infants can even make simple mathematical calculations.

Meteorologists can now use satellite pictures to keep track of hot spots in the Pacific.

Technology is taking sports to new highs, triggering a debate on whether competitions should be between people or between machines.

Scientists have isolated a gene that can break down oxalic acid, the primary culprit that damages tissue and leaves the victim gasping in pain

The outstanding feature of Indian weather in the second half of April and the first week of May of the year was the extremely high temperatures over a large part of Northern India.