Faced with 25,000 landless people from across the country marching up to parliament on October 29 to register their protest, the United Progressive Alliance (upa) government announced the creation of

a planning Commission expert group on groundwater recently released its report. Titled Groundwater management and ownership, the report suggests community-based groundwater management at the farm

A new community of nations is to be formed

UNDP s Human Development Report 2002 offers a link between politics and development

Peruvian local communities are on the warpath. They are accusing mining companies of not only causing contamination in the region, but also holding them responsible for the seizure of their land.

In a major judgement, the Delhi High Court has directed the Union

Dear Prime Minister Koirala we urge you not to learn from India

The melting of Arctic permafrost could accelerate global warming. Scie

The Biodiversity Bill to empower local communities under scrutiny of parliamentary standing committee

In India, there has been a cautious move towards handing over control of natural resources to local communities