The bad news is that diesel usage in vehicles will continue to grow across the world — including India.

Terming diesel as 'villain' of the air pollution, environmental experts today said technology for better fuels was available and governments were keen to act to move ahead but only automobile indus

Question raised in Lok Sabha on power production in the country, 12/03/2015.

नई दिल्ली | पृथ्वी के वायुमंडल में मौजूद सूक्ष्म ठोस एवं तरल अपशिष्ठ कणों से होने वाले वायु प्रदूषण से हर साल 6,27,000 लोगों की समय से पहले अकाल मौत हो जाती है। पर्यावरण विशेषज्ञों के मुताबिक यह स्

New Delhi: Over 627,000 people die prematurely and 18 million healthy life years are lost every year due to particulate air pollution -- the microscopic solid and liquid matter suspended in the Ear

NEW DELHI: The link between air pollution and respiratory diseases is well known, but foul air may be causing cases of depression too.

NEW DELHI: Environmental and transportation experts on Wednesday discussed ways and means to mitigate black carbon (BC) emissions that can help reduce health impacts from air pollution as well as t

India needs to cut down on its black carbon emissions for "co-benefit" agenda of making a positive impact on global warming on one hand and improving health of people on the other, environment expe

Under watch around the world over the alarming quality of air in its national capital, are Indian authorities trying to shoot the messenger?

The huge demand for used imported vehicles and poor restrictions are causing traffic congestion and worsening air quality in most cities in Africa, environmental experts say.