An intriguing inverted glass pot housing plants that grow as the temperature within changes, in a 12-minute long video, seems to cry out loud in an attempt to draw attention to the rapidly degradin

99.5% of Indians breathe air with pollutants way above safety levels

Environmentalists are hopeful that the new government in Delhi will take necessary measures to check air pollution.

PUNE: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has welcomed the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India's (FSSAI) recent draft order which proposes to put curbs on the rampant use of antibioti

A Kashmir based developmental organization, South Asian Voluntary Association of Environmentalists (SAVAE), has urged the government and the people of the state to protection of wetlands and enviro

We must also realise that even as environmental problems have grown, the institutions for the oversight and management of natural resources have shrunk

A research and advocacy group has accused the Indian government of protecting the interests of the automobile lobby at the cost of public health.

I write this with considerable impatience and one question. Do we really have the time to waste on controversies like what ancient India did or did not achieve by way of scientific discoveries?

Dense fog continued to ruin travel plans in North India on Sunday with over 100 flights and 60 North-bound trains getting delayed in Delhi alone.

With diesel vehicles being biggest source of air pollution in Delhi, noted environmentalist Sunita Narain today said there was a need to heavily tax such vehicles in the national capital.