India Development Foundation funded by the British High Commission, carried out this study on challenges to investments and trade in five sectors of agri-business in India - dairy, horticulture, oilseeds, wheat milling, and poultry. This report attempts at answering some questions and showcases some successful cases where players in select sectors have met with success.

Dairies in the US town will need air operating permits

The Delhi high court has ordered the city government to clarify its stand on shifting 2,600 unauthorised dairies from different parts of the city to a proposed dairy colony. The court also issued

Women living in a non descript village in Gujarat revive a defunct dairy, earlier run by men. Today, not only do they churn out 100 per cent profits, they also keep the dairy owners happy

they may seem an illusion but their value is real enough. "Virtual cows' are heading Europe's farms. Diary farmers are confused

Scientists in India claim that they will soon clone the buffalo

A revival of the dairy industry of this Caribbean island, which would provide economic self-reliance to its inhabitants, is in the offing. An eight-week study conducted by the London-based

A naturally occuring bacterium in milk can save the losses incurred by mal1scale dairy farmers who do not own refrigeration facilities

A church inspired people's dairy project in Kerala turns out to be a trailblazer

The US dairy industry is having second thoughts about the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Jim Bar, the head of the National Milk Producers' Federation, has complained that GATT, as