A committee recommends rationalization of diesel and petrol prices The long awaited pricing formula for petroleum products to bail out the oil industry from impending bankruptcy has been tabled. If put into effect this prescription can correct distorted prices of automotive fuels of petrol and diesel and halt misuse of under-taxed and under-priced diesel by the car sector. This is

The Prime Minister has constituted a high powered committee under the chairmanship of Shri B K Chaturvedi, Member, Planning Commission, to examine the financial position of oil companies.

The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) said Thursday that it has managed to improve petrol availability, but has slashed the supply of diesel and kerosene -- the two major loss making items -- augmenting their shortage in the market.
The corporation is presently pumping out about 110,000 liters of diesel a day in the Kathmandu Valley, shows NOC records. This is just about 40 percent of what used to be consumed here during normal times.

Petrol price hiked again: Pakistan

The government has approved an Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) recommendation of upward revision of POL prices, a statement issued by the regulatory authority said on Sunday.

Rising petroleum prices would affect Pakistan's agriculture sector as farmers depend on fuel to operate their tube-wells to get irrigation water the prime requirement for the growth of crops.

'Due to inadequate canal system, farmers are dependent on electric and diesel run tube-wells for irrigation but price escalation of oil would have negative impact on their production,' the Secretary General, Kisan Bachao Tehreek, Ahmed Noor Advocate told APP.

The Rudd Government's Green Paper on carbon trading uses adjectives like "smoother", "gradual", and "measured" to describe the scheme's implementation because cutting Australia's emissions by 60 per cent in four decades is going to produce profound structural change, and, inevitably, political repercussions. Like a dentist poised above you, drill in hand, the Government wants to warn us that the process will be difficult, and reassure us that it will no more painful than absolutely necessary.

Karimnagar/Hyderabad, July 2: The district administration has decided to continue the restricted supply of the diesel even after a fresh consignment of about 500 kilolitres of the fuel arrived in the district on Wednesday. The restricted supply in accordance to the stipulated quota for different category of vehicles will continue for a few more days till the demand is met.

Recently, biodiesel has been receiving increasing attention due to its less polluting nature and also because it is a renewable energy resource. Mostly, biodiesel is prepared from edible oils like soybean, rapeseed and sunflower through out the world. Attempts have been made for producing biodiesel with non edible oils like karanja and jatropha especially in India.

Lorry owners staged a protest against the short supply of diesel in Kadiri town of Anantapur district on Monday. They were facing a shortage of diesel for the last few weeks due to short supply to the town. Earlier, nearly one lakh litres of diesel used to be supplied to the town everyday, but this has come down to 50,000 to 60,000 litres, with no supply for one or two days. This resulted in a high demand for diesel.