Policymakers must put public health above everything else to chart the future. Consumers must demand change so that industry can be forced to fall in line

New analysis of air pollution reveals the shocking effects of diesel emissions

Grants have been approved to facilitate the use of fuel cell buses in the developing

At a time when USA is banning MTBE , Indian public sector companies, with the blessings of the petroleum ministry babus, are promoting its use

Sinha will make life even more miserable for Indians. Wealth will come about but at the cost of the environment

Saboteur in chief. Is responsible for making procedures. Has botched them up, discouraging those keen on CNG

Blames others for its failures. Is raring to destroy the CNG market by hiking prices

Has a lot of power to safeguard public health. Prefers not to use it

Utterly confused. Speaks for polluters who have business interests in scuttling CNG

Though private bus operators will have to shoulder a bulk of the responsibility of