The National Family Health Survey 2015-16 (NFHS-4), the fourth in the NFHS series, provides information on population, health and nutrition for India and each State / Union territory. NFHS-4, for the first time, provides district-level estimates for many important indicators.

Improving housing conditions may provide a boost to malaria prevention at a time when other efforts may be losing steam, according to new research.

The leading underlying natural causes of death among South Africans in 2015 were tuberculosis and diabetes, Statistics South Africa said on Tuesday.

MUMBAI: Five years after the emergence of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria in India, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Monday published its first-ever list of antibiotic-resistant

El Gedaref / Port Sudan — Health workers in eastern Sudan reported that four new cases of cholera have emerged in several areas.

For the first time a “tipping point” molecular link between the blood sugar glucose and Alzheimer’s disease has been established by scientists, who have shown that excess glucose damages a vital en

An experimental malaria vaccine protected healthy subjects from infection with a malaria strain different from that contained in the vaccine, according to a study published today in the Proceedings

Dongola — The medical director of the Dongola Specialist Hospital in northern Sudan reports that the hospital admitted 20 cases of watery diarrhoea last week.

The development provides hope in the fight against the deadly disease which has continued to threaten the lives of pregnant women and children.

Decreasing the effect of NCDs requires a more systematic response.