(Reuters) - California water regulators on Saturday revised a still-tentative drought plan by easing cuts for Los Angeles and San Diego and bumping up reduction targets in the areas that consume th

The world’s drylands are subject to desertification as a result of extended droughts, climate change, and human activities. Development in drylands depends on addressing degradation of the ecosystem, mainstreaming sustainable natural resources management, and building upon the existing adaptive capacities of communities and institutions. In this regard, recent scientific results aimed to promote sustainable development through action plans for combating desertification.

KARACHI: In the wake of below average rainfall in Thar in recent years, the Sindh government has planned a series of water, food and livestock projects under a strategy to end water shortfall in th

Rainfall prediction is very crucial for India as its economy is based on mainly agriculture. The parameters that are required to predict the rainfall are very complex in nature and also contain lots of uncertainties. Although various approaches have been earlier suggested for prediction, the soft computing is found to be very effective in developing models which emulates human being and derives expertise like human being to adapt to the situations and learn from the experiences.

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This report is a component of the Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS)–-funded project “Impacts of Climate Extremes on Future Water and Food Security in South Asia and East Africa.” The goal of the project was to characterize extreme drought events, to improve on a methodology to assess the probability of th

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on long term plan to deal with drought, 25/07/2014.

Debate in Rajya Sabha regarding drought situation in India, 09/07/2014 (uncorrected debate).

Sri Lanka has been selected as one of the first two pilot countries to implement the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) project on the application of s

Tentative Action Plan to tackle drought like situation for arrangement of drinking water in affected districts the Rajasthan State.