Study in the wild to create awareness of conservation

The last significant vulture population in the Western and Eastern Ghats are threatened by the indiscriminate use of pesticides, say researchers watching vulture habitats. A team of researchers from CareEarth Arulagam has taken up a detailed study in the wild and creating awareness of conservation of these forest scavengers. The organisation has its field station located within the vulture habitat at Bhavanisagar in Erode district.

Pterocarpus santalinus L.f. (Red Sanders) is an endemic and endangered species largely confined to the southern portion of the Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh, India. To understand its ecological and geographic distribution, we used ecological niche modelling (ENM) based on field sample-based distributional information, in relation to climatic and topographic datasets. Before modelling, hierarchical partitioning was used to optimize the choice of variables for better

The hills and valleys are as scenic, their tribal inhabitants as abject, the industrial interests threatening them as powerful and rapacious.

NEW DELHI: The battle over removing hotels and resorts from the only corridor linking elephants in the Eastern and Western Ghats has got shriller.

In this present study, the soil erosion assessment and conservation measures in hill ecosystem is carried out in the Kalrayan hills, Part of Eastern ghats, Tamil Nadu using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques. The geocoded digital data of IRS P6 LISS – III (P101-R65 of 2001) and Survey of India toposheets (1971) were interpreted and various thematic maps such as drainage, lineaments, geomorphology, land use/land cover and slope maps have been prepared.

An assessment of the impact of projected climate change on forest ecosystems in India based on climate projections of the Regional Climate Model of the Hadley Centre (HadRM3) and the global dynamic vegetation model IBIS for A1B scenario is conducted for short-term (2021–2050) and long-term (2071–2100) periods. Based on the dynamic global vegetation modelling, vulnerable forested regions of India have been identified to assist in planning adaptation interventions.


Fear of submergence haunts Kurturu, a village nestled in the Papi hills of the Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh.

In 2005, a band of officials, an unusual sight in this remote village in West Godavari district, visited the place and marked a rock.

Better patrolling, prevention measures, growing awareness and rain cited as reasons

CHENNAI: There has been a considerable decrease in the number of forest fires in the State this season.


Over the last several millennia, people have made steady inroads into the elephants’ natural habitat through agriculture and settlements along river valleys. With their habitats now fragmented, degraded and compressed, these mega-herbivores spill into human settlements thereby setting the stage for a highly volatile combat.

Gangadhar S Patil & C Shivkumar

BRAHMAGIRI-NILGIRI-GHATS SHOULD BE REVIVED A report of the Elephant Task Force on Tuesday states that the Brahmagiri-Nilgiri-Eastern Ghats, stretching over 12,000 sq km across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala with a splinter group in Andhra Pradesh, should be rededi cated to the nation immediately
THE Brahmagiri-Nilgiri-Eastern Ghats, and nine other similar habi