The centre signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for schemes to operationalise its Community Based Pro-Poor Initiative (CBPPI) programmes involving a sum of Rs

The United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) has joined hands with mega-information technology professionals for launching a global onslaught on poverty using the time and cost-efficiency of

Results of the economic census of rural households available from eight states indicate a perceptible reduction in the number of families living below the poverty line(BPL). The maximum decline in

Across the world, education reform is now seen as indispensable to economic success. Fine; but remember the children : a

Despite nuclear sanctions, the World Bank committed maximum loans to India in South Asia during the financial year ending June 30. According to a release, India was the largest borrower in the

Prevalence rates for hypertension,diabetes, heart disease and cancer increase with the development of a village, while those for TB and leprosy decrase, making the last two diseases of deprivation

The US has unveiled an ambitious package of reforms to the World Trade Organisaiton(WTO), envisaging sweeping changes in the agriculture and service sectors to safeguard American interests well into

The third global conference of the International Netwok of Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI) which concluded recently, has reiterated that microcredit is the most powerful tool to fight

The lone South Asian who has attracted world attention more than anybody else, particularly for his highly acclaimed micro-credit system through a bank called the Grameen Bank, is Prof. Mohammad

The Centre has tied up with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) "to ensure adequate extension of reforms in the industrial and financial services to the whole field of rural development".