Unctad : Though FDI by transnational companies in developing Asian nations rose to $106 billion in 1999 as against $97 billion in the previous year, FDI in South Asia dipped 13 per cent to $3.2

The stormy battle over globalization that brought protests to the streets of Seattle and Washington moves to heart of the world's only truly global organization : the United Nations. An

The Qinghai project in western China has become the focus of perhaps the biggest anti-World Bank campaign launched by non-governmental organisations. Yet on the face of it, the project, which the

After intense negotiations on social remedies for poverty and other destructive side effects of globalisation, the United Nations has hammered out an international policy pact that can make the world

The United Nations(UN) is optimistic that the post-Asian crisis world economic rebound has a good chance of persisting for some years to come, with the economies of India and China, which have been

Sen: The Nobel laureate, Prof. Amartya Sen, has said that expanding human capabiliites and securing human rights were key to poverty eradication and human

The much-awaited Bill relating to formaitonof a separate Chhattisgarh state was unanimously approved by the Madhya Pradesh State Assembly at Bhopal on Thursday after pronouncing some suggestions. Of

Tourism in Rajasthan will get a major boost with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) clearing a Rs 15.3 billion assistance project to improve urban infrastructure in popular tourist destinations in the

India and the United States pledged to reduce impediments to bilateral trade and investment and expand commerce, especially in the emerging knowledge-based industries and high-technology areas. A

The World Bank and United Nation's Development Programme(UNDP) are at loggerheads over the strategy to be pursued for executing poverty-alleviation programmes in Andhra Pradesh. The latter is the