Area farmers in Uttar Pradesh contend match manufacturer Wimco, which had persuaded them to raise poplar trees for its factory, has reneged on its promises, leaving them indebted and impoverished

THE INDIAN National Congress -- the political party that led the country to independence -- had as its election symbol during the 1950s two bullocks, to symbolise the relationship between animal

THERE are some in India who believe that the Dunkel Draft (DD) would lead to a reduction of subsidies paid by developed countries to their farmers and this would help agricultural produce exports

KHEJRI (Prosopis cineraria) is nature's best gift to the farmers of Rajasthan and Haryana for it not only thrives in drought conditions and in poor soils, but also encourages the growth of crops

A section of India's farmers emphatically supported the Dunkel Draft, saying it contains just what they have been demanding for years.

FARMERS are exploiting a loophole in the European Community's new common agricultural policy, which grants them crop subsidies to leave their land fallow so as to reduce oilseed production.

A proposal for a township near Bangalore as a lure to bring in huge investments from Japan is encountering opposition from farm and environmental groups.

Chidanandamurthy, a professor of Kannada and president of the Anti Japanese Township Forum, says the Japanese township project offers no advantages and will only exacerbate the state's problems.

Support for the model township has been coordinated mainly by N D Gangadhar, president of the Karnataka Small Scale Industries Assn.

State ministers are giving the agriculture sector a breather by ignoring the Prime Minister's call to stop subsidising power supply and agreeing instead to charge a minimum rate. But this, too, is being resisted by farmers.