evidence has been found of pesticide exposure in small children (1-6 year olds) of farm-workers in the us, say researchers at the Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Led by Thomas Arcury,

Following suicides by cotton farmers in various parts of the country, the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Delhi, the National Commission on Farmers and the Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi, organised a one-day meet. Institutional, soci

From green revolution to gene revolution, at who s cost?

It seems that the people who matter in this country have a simple enough formula for life and liberty. We should open up the market, create opportunity for the organised industry, mix and stir, and

radioactive wastes: A Pakistani senator recently accused the country's nuclear authorities of dumping radioactive waste near a village in the Punjab province causing cancer, miscarriages, and

Green light for Indo ASEAN free trade agreement

Less rain is bad news for small farmers, not the economy

The agriculture minister told parliament last week that 100,000 farmers had committed suicide from 1998 to 2003, a period for which his government had data. This means 45 farmers killed themselves

Maharashtra legalises contract farming, says farmers interests won t be harmed

Farmers can save crops without pesticides. And they can earn more in the deal. sopan joshi records a great change sweeping through Andhra Pradesh. It’s called non-pesticidal