Anyone with internet access and a passion for seafood will soon be able to track commercial fishing trawlers all over the world, with a new tool that its developers hope will help end the overfishi

Scientists say a dead whale on a desolate beach and a skeleton hanging in a high school gym are a new species. Yet experts have never seen one alive.

South Africa’s great white sharks face the threat of extinction after a steep decline in numbers caused by trophy hunting, shark nets and pollution, according to a study.

Whale shark numbers have plummeted by more than 50 percent in the last 75 years.

Climate change and El Niño have caused the worst mangrove die-off in recorded history, stretching along 700km of Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria, an expert says.

More than half of the 130 species were not in the ‘Protected Area’ of State

The long-finned, tiger-striped lionfish may be one of the most stunning swimmers in the sea — but it’s also becoming one of the most problematic.

Kolkata: In 2015, Indian taxonomists discovered 262 species of animals that are new to science and were not known to exist.

Research throws light on rapid increase in feral fish population

CHENNAI: From the ancient Chinese to kingdoms in ancient Europe, Africa, and Britain, otters have for more than a thousand years helped humans fish and been a source of wonder for their industry an