ExxonMobil has emitted five per cent of CO2 pollutant since 1882

The world has reached an environmental crossroads, according to the third Global Environment Outlook (geo-3) report. And the choice between greed and humanity will decide the fate of millions of

Sun, sea and snow bring mercury down to the Earth and in the food

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels not only will put the brakes on global warming, but would also benefit public health, according to an international

australia has rejected a proposal to introduce carbon tax for curbing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The proposal was made by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Develop

Another report lambastes the theory of land carbon sinks

a global network of non-governmental organisations ( ngo s), business associations and scientific institutions has launched the World Council for Renewable Energies ( wcre ), to

A NEW revolutionary energy process could end up powering cities and industries in the next century, says a team of Australian scientists. The scientists, who conducted a feasibility study, suggested

Australia banks on forest power to light up towns

A recent finding shows that over 35 billion tonnes of 'mysteriously missing' carbon dioxide from fossil fuels burnt over four decades went to ground in the coniferous forests of the North.