GM plans 1,000 fuel cell cars in California By Nichola Groom SACRAMENTO (Reuters) - General Motors Corp plans to have 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in California between 2012 to 2014 to comply with the state's goal to put thousands of cleaner cars on its roads. GM has about 60 Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell vehicles in Southern California now, the automaker's vice president for research & development and planning, Larry Burns, said at the National Hydrogen Association conference here.

California regulators cut by 70 percent the number of emission-free vehicles that automobile manufacturers must sell in California in the three years beginning in 2012.

The CNG programme in Delhi provides the immediate bridge for transitioning to hydrogen in India. In a major initiative to bridge the gap between hydrogen and CNG, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited commissioned a hydrogen-compressed natural gas (H-CNG/hythane) dispensing station at Dwarka in January.

More energy insecurity The Paris-based International Energy Agency's (IEA's) 2006 release, World Energy Outlook, foresees increasingrends in oil demand in Asia as the region's economy grows. It

From the mid-1970s and on, the contribution to air pollution of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from gasoline passenger cars in the developed world has been reduced through co-evolution of regulation and commercial introduction of catalytic emission control technology, now part of hundreds of millions of cars, trucks and buses worldwide. This dissertation is a disaggregated study of the global introduction of catalytic emission control technology as a measure to reduce local air pollution.

The alternative energy industry is stepping on the gas. Top automakers have joined hands to deve-lop fuel cell technology for cars, enabling them to cover similar distances as gasoline-run cars. The

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Power Hybrid Cars, Homes In A Trial Project In Japan

For Yosuke Ito, having a Toyota Prius on the driveway is not green enough. His house, as well as his car, is a hybrid.

Hydrogen is a new, highly versatile energy carrier which is a clean, safe and cheap fuel choice and when combined with super-efficient fuel cell vehicles, enables a profitable transition from the present hydrocarbon based fuel economy.