The Union budget has announced its usual palliative for inclusive growth and aam aadmi. But the urban aam aadmi loses all.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has expressed deep anger and shock at the lackadaisical attitude of the finance minister in this recent budget towards energy guzzling vehicles and the need for public transport in our cities.

This report reviews new vehicle fuels and technologies that are likely to be commercially available within the next 10 years in the United States and other industrialized countries at a level that could result in significant population exposure.

CSE comments on CPCB's recently released Study of Exhaust Gases from Different Fuel-based Vehicles for Carbonyls and Methane Emissions. Urges CPCB to recall and urgently review this study to make it more scientifically tenable.

Air Pollution is caused by a number of pollutants emanated from various sources. Under sound air pollution control strategy the detailed analysis and assessment of all the pollutants having detrimental effects on human health and environment is required.

This publication is part of a series of products and activities for dissemination, developed under the Poznan Strategic Program on
Technology Transfer.

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, largely forgotten as attention turned to biofuels and batteries, are staging a comeback. Jeff Tollefson investigates.

EPA and NHTSA are issuing this joint Final Rule to establish a National Program consisting of new standards for light-duty vehicles that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy. This joint Final Rule is consistent with the

We will not launch the car in any market where there is no incentive for the consumer. Because the consumer is never going to buy a car which is more expensive because it emits less.

There are many reasons why we are betting on electric cars.

AMSTERDAM: It seems Tata Motors is on a green diet. After showcasing the electric Indica and announcing plans for a hybrid Nano, Tata Motors has now developed a range of hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses and light trucks. The fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, developed at Tata Motors