Crop yield estimation has an important role on economy development and its accuracy and speed influence yield price and helps in deciding the excess or deficit production conditions. The water productivity evaluates the irrigation command through water use efficiency (WUE).

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has been carrying out GIS (geospatial information system) mapping of the area under its jurisdiction. The civic agency has completed 75% of the exercise and the digital platform has now been integrated with an asset management system.

In the present study, an assessment of the status of coral reefs along the Pongi Balu coast, south Andaman Islands, which is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, has been made by scuba diving, low draft glass-bottom boat and visual interpretation in some places during low-tide condition.

Ajmer: A group of top scientists of the country are pooling in their minds here to help the state fight its arid zones.
According to the scientists, remote sensing and geomatics

This report  proposes a method for mapping landslides. It describes the geological reasons behind the landslides that occurred in the Canacona taluka. As noted by the Canacona Flash Floods Study Committee, these landslides occurred on steep slopes; the cascading water triggered the landslides.

A survey to assess seismic vulnerability of the built environment in Chennai has classified 29 per cent of the buildings in the city as highly vulnerable in an earthquake event.

The survey undertaken by the Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management (CDMM) at Anna University aerially mapped 22,758 medium-to-tall buildings in the city deploying the Rapid Visual Screening technique.

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BHUBANESWAR: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launched

Watershed response to produce runoff by a rainfall event depends upon the watershed characteristic and each watershed has its exclusive characteristics. However, most of the watersheds lacks in the facility of recording runoff, in such a case, morphometric parameters of a watershed are valuable information to evaluate watershed capacity to produce runoff.

Rain is the only source of water on the earth and for conserving this precious resource, the base is the land. Shortage of rainfall coupled with its erratic distribution during rainy season causes severe water deficit conditions resulting in various intensities of droughts. Drought varies in different parts of the world depending on the amount and reliability of rainfall received in a particular region. Gulbarga district is one of the drought prone districts of the Karnataka state.

The seasonal variability of biomass open burning activities in the Greater Mekong sub-region (GMS) with focus on carbon monoxide (CO) and total particulate matter or aerosol (TPM) emissions was investigated in order to document the characteristics of this significant source of air pollutants in the region.