The surveyors have also found that there is a practice of operation theatre attendants and other staff of the hospital demanding 'badhai/shagun' from patients after the delivery of a child.

More than 150 countries have begun switching to a different polio vaccine - an important milestone towards polio eradication, health campaigners say.

Typhoid is an important public health challenge for India, especially with the spread of antimicrobial resistance. The decision about whether to introduce a public vaccination programme needs to be based on an understanding of disease burden and the age-groups and geographic areas at risk.

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Urban India is more sick than the rural hinterland despite the mushrooming of health and wellness clinics and super-specialty hospitals, besides better per capita earnings. And this could well be attributed to increasing pollution levels and unhealthy dietary habits.

Several rounds of national health surveys have generated a vast amount of data in India since 1992. We describe and compare the key health information gathered, assess the availability of health data in the public domain, and review publications resulting from the National Family Health Survey (NFHS), the District Level Household Survey (DLHS) and the Annual Health Survey (AHS).

The Rapid Survey on Children shows a new trend of an increased access to healthcare by marginalised communities like Dalits, Adivasis and Other Backward Classes which have made substantial gains in the last decade. However much needs to be achieved in the realm of nutrition and sanitation where these communities remain acutely deprived.

Dutse — Six under-five children have died following an outbreak of measles and whooping cough in Suletankarkar Local Government Area of Jigawa state, Daily Trust learnt yesterday.

Even as incidence of hearing impairment among children is increasing at a fast pace, around 60% of it can be prevented by immunisation against various diseases, controlling noise pollution and regu

The HPV vaccine protects people against the group of 150-odd HPVs, some of which can cause cervical cancer.

Global vaccine experts and officials from all 26 African "meningitis belt" countries have convened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to celebrate one of Africa's biggest public health achievements—the intro