PIL Wants Info From Each Of 3 Centres

Cigarette consumption in India is falling steadily even as the number of women smokers is rising, making it home to the second largest number of female smokers after the United States.

A leaked mail from the In ternational Food and Beverages Alliance (IFBA) has revealed the hectic lobbying by this alliance of the world's largest food and beverage companies to influence the framin

Call For Stricter Norms To Curb Conflicts Of Interest.

Every two days, well over a crore of rupees is being spent on swine flu testing in the seven private laboratories in Delhi that are accredited to test for the virus.

The death of 254 Indian women in the course of a 15-year US-funded clinical trial has triggered a raging debate about its ethicality.

In January 2012, PM Manmohan Singh declared half of India’s children were malnourished and that was a national shame.

20% People Globally Are Fat: Study

New Delhi: There are more overweight or obese people, 904 million adults, in the developing countries than the developed world, about 557 million. Similarly, more than 30 million overweight children live in the developing world compared to just 10 million in the developed countries. Over one out of every five persons in the world is obese. The number of obese people is close to being double the estimated number of persons going hungry to bed, over 800 million.

Clearing Bodies Will Now Need Accreditation

The government is set to tighten regulation of clinical trials in India by mandating that ethics committees that clear clinical trials will not only have to be registered but also accredited.

New Delhi: Severe undernutrition when diagnosed could mean at least two times higher odds of death in TB patients despite treatment, concluded a recent study which found shocking levels of malnutri