Number Of Towns With Shanties Went Up From 1,743 In 2001 To 2,613 In 2011

Over a third of the slum population in India lives without any basic facility being provided by the state as the slums are not recognized. In the case of some states like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bihar, the entire slum population of several lakhs remains unrecognized by the state governments.

Two Bad Years Impacted Overall Growth

The Green Revolution is said to have revolutionized agriculture in India. However, government data shows more or less the same rate of growth of yields for various crops from 1951 to about 1990, suggesting that the ‘revolution’ might not have been as momentous as it is believed to be.

In yet another twist to the Ranbaxy scandal, the drug regulatory authority of the UK government has issued a statement clarifying that they have found no evidence that any of Ranbaxy’s products in

Study Says A Trial On Vitamin Supplementation Among Preschoolers Did Not Substantiate Earlier Claim Of 30% Reduction

Two so-called magic bullets of the international health community’s armoury — pre-school vitamin A supplementation, assumed to reduce child mortality by a quarter and intestinal deworming, assumed to improve child nutrition, growth, and cognitive development — have been shown to have no significant effect on child mortality. This was revealed in one of the largest trials ever:

Among peers and neighbours India is performing the worst when it comes to the health of its citizens.