US Mission in Iraq The fear of worsening economic crisis has the Americans agonising over the costs of a long-drawn engagement in Iraq. There is increasing pessimism about the us's "mission'

the us' pre-emptive onslaught against Iraq may not have won it many friends, but the Pentagon continues to enjoy the support of a strange bedfellow: the United States Environmental Protection Agency

In a dark time reason takes a backseat, and propaganda can get rash. To convince nose in the air liberals that Saddam is really a bad boy, he is being projected as an environmental criminal. Suddenly, the civilised constituency has woken up to the envir

The US, it is widely believed, can go to great lengths to lay its hands on oil whether this means having to unleash a full fledged war on faraway Iraq, or throwing open a part of the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge back home. At least in the la

At a time when the threat of war looms large over Iraq, here s more ammunition for peaceniks to confront warmongers with. The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP recently released the findings of assessments conducted in the violence wracked Occup

As terrorists arm themselves with biological weapons, India wakes up to find how ill equipped it is to face this deadly reality

at least 1,000 tonnes of fish were recently found dead near the shores

most of Iraq's farms are in a bad state, says the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ). The famous fertile fields of Mesopotamia's have been ruined due to

Recent findings suggest the Akkadian empire, which once flourished on the banks of the Euphrates, collapsed because of a sudden dearth of water.