Air pollution in Haifa is no worse than in other urban areas in Israel, Environmental Protection Ministry director general David Leffler said yesterday, adding that his ministry will be working wit

As existing data resurfaced in recent days potentially linking increased cancer incidence in the Haifa Bay to air pollution, Environmental Protection Ministry professionals said on Wednesday that t

Israelis produced hundreds – or perhaps even thousands – of tons of trash over Passover, with some 550 tons collected in Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund forests and parks alone, the or

Annual rainfall levels in Israel have not changed drastically over the last 90 years, but temperatures have seen a sharp increase over the last two decades, according to a climate change report pub

Aiming to determine whether there is a link between air pollution and morbidity in the Haifa Bay region, academics from Israel and around the world launched a project on Tuesday that will study the

The Health Ministry, a participant in the new study, has already called for tougher limits on emissions in advance of a new plan to increase Haifa Bay fuel production.

Imposing a prison sentence for environmental infractions is a rare event in Israel, but it happened recently.

JERUSALEM – Israel will double the amount of water provided to the Gaza Strip, despite a bloody war last summer against the territory’s Hamas rulers, defense officials said Wednesday.

Jordan and Israel signed an agreement to go ahead with a World Bank-sponsored project to build a desalination plant in the Gulf of Aqaba and a pipeline linking the Red Sea with the Dead Sea.

In an effort to deepen economic cooperation, Israel has offered its expertise and technological capabilities to India in its ambitious drive to clean up the Ganga.