Nearly half of 33 countries expected to face extremely high water stress by 2040 are in the Middle East, where surface water is limited and demand is high, said experts who ranked 167 nations.

Professor Uri Shanas heads organisation targeting to buy up 1.4% of earth to protect plant and animal species facing extinction.

Palestinian villagers living in desolate, off-grid areas in the West Bank have begun using Israeli-made biogas generators that supply free, clean energy by gobbling up organic waste.

Many areas of the Greater Tel Aviv Dan region are still suffering from soil and groundwater contamination whose source is industrial activity that took place decades ago and threatens drinking-wate

About 25 million birds are illegally hunted and killed or captured every year in countries bordering the Mediterranean, and many of these countries have adopted a policy of looking the other way wh

Nitrogen oxides, released from fossil fuel use and other combustion processes, affect air quality and climate. From the mid-1990s onward, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) has been monitored from space, and since 2004 with relatively high spatial resolution by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument. Strong upward NO2 trends have been observed over South and East Asia and the Middle East, in particular over major cities.

Israel – and the small British territory of Gibraltar – are the only areas in the Mediterranean region where negligible numbers of birds are illegally killed, a report to be released on Friday says

Dozens of dry cleaners may be polluting the soil and ground water in Israel due to their use of toxic materials, but the required oversight is lacking, according to a new report prepared for the Wa

The new heat wave that rolled in on Sunday brought some record August temperatures according to the Meteorological Service.

India and Israel will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the fields of water conservation, water use efficiency, waste water treatment and river rejuvenation ahead of the P