Following a Tuesday in which air pollution levels had reached up to 38 times their normal concentrations around the South and Center, the Environmental Protection Ministry said on Wednesday that po

The Dead Sea has attracted visitors for thousands of years who come to float in its salty waters and reap its reported health benefits.

The past month has been a very active and meaningful one for KKL-JNF Finland, which organized a number of diverse range of events focused on Israel and the environment

Extreme weather conditions were expected to continue Wednesday after a deluge of heavy winter rain storms hit Israel on Tuesday.

As sea levels climb and extreme weather events intensify, climate change will not only impact global ecology, but will also pose a threat national security, according to a report released by the US

An estimated 1.2 million Palestinians in Gaza still have no running water, according to report released by organization that has directors based in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is awarding a $1 million prize to a Swiss-American research duo for their breakthrough work in converting solar energy into electricity capable of powering transpo

Welfare and Social Services Minister Meir Cohen and Eli Alalouf, head of the Committee to Fight Poverty, announced on Monday the intended allocation of NIS 1.7 billion for the implementation of the

With traffic ceasing almost completely all areas saw steep drops in nitrogen oxide levels.

Last year, Israel's polio-free status was seriously challenged. On May 28, 2013, a sample obtained during routine supplementary environmental surveillance at a sewage-treatment plant in the South district tested positive for wild poliovirus type 1. Additional analyses retrospectively confirmed that the virus had already been present in February 2013 in samples from sewage-treatment plants near the capital of the South district.