holocaust-denial laws are the ultimate bunkum. Just think about it. The state of Israel has used the history of the Nazis to perpetrate untold miseries on the Arab world. This is not a rant. Think

Following a truce between Israel and the Hizbollah, cleanup of the huge oil spill off the coast of Lebanon has begun. Around 15,000 tonnes of oil had spilled into the Mediterranean after the Jiyyeh

Research on snake venom and mongooses could lead to more effective anti venom drugs

Two films on Israel, despite their obvious public relations motive, nevertheless catch and hold firmly, the viewer's interest.

Israeli scientists claim to have devised a cheap way to generate electricity in deserts near the coast by using sea water. The method can also be modified to desalt sea water and use it for desert

INCREASING the level of oxygen in blood could cure impotency in humans because it would stimulate production of nitric oxide, which causes penile tissue to relax and better engorge blood from the