Over the past year, the country’s justice system has significantly strengthened enforcement activity against ecological violations, the Environmental Protection Ministry informed The Jerusalem Post

Aiming to revive a riverbed that has been used for decades as an illegal waste dump, the Dead Sea Drainage Authority has embarked upon a restoration plan for Nahal Hava in Mitzpe Ramon, the authori

The Environmental Protection Ministry will be allocating NIS 2 million for the purpose of maintaining cleanliness at beaches in 19 local authorities this summer, the ministry announced on Monday.

Amit Mendelssohn The project to restore the Kishon River has been frozen due to the Water Authority commissioner’s refusal to accept professional committee recommendations that would allow for the

Aiming to alert Israelis as to whether the air they are breathing is suitable for engaging in sports and other activities, a new free Android application provides location- based air pollution leve

Researchers are exploring unconventional sources of fresh water to quench the globe's growing thirst.

Nearly every other school in Israel is exposed to excess levels of cancerous electric radiation, it was revealed during a discussion of the Committee on the Rights of the Child on Tuesday.

The Environmental Protection Ministry will be investing NIS 183 million in the regulation of waste in the Arab and Beduin sectors, under the framework of a new environmental-social justice strategy

Following an industrial fire that broke out in Bnei Brak, the Environmental Protection Ministry on Sunday warned the public to avoid spending time outside enclosed buildings located within a 50-met

The government approved on Sunday an additional budget of NIS 42 million for environmental improvements in Beduin communities, to supplement the existing NIS 40m.