Evidence from recent decades supports a causal association between air pollution (particulate matter <10 μ m in diameter [PM10] and PM <2.5 μ m in diameter [PM2.5]) and oxidative stress, possibly involving impaired metabolism of glucose and lipids.

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A number of ecosystems in Israel, particularly those in the Coastal Plain, are almost or completely unprotected, according to a new survey which shows that parts of Israel fall short of the interna

Residents of Tivon, located in the forested hills southwest of Haifa, are fighting a plan to cut down trees near their community.

One of Haifa’s central petrochemical plants had its plans for expansion turned down after the region’s planning and building committee feared it would worsen the existing pollution crisis.

Japan has some of the worst wealth inequality and highest rates of child poverty among the world’s developed nations, according to a UNICEF report unveiled Thursday, which ranked the nation 34th ou

Israel's cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved a plan for reducing greenhouse gases and increasing energy efficiency to benefit the economy.

Government officials of Israel expect economy will touch more than Rs 53,222 crore.

Social Affairs Minister Haim Katz is implementing a long-gestating program aimed at providing nutritional security for the estimated 110,000 Israeli families (over 400,000 individuals) who are livi

In a vast expanse of open desert in southern Israel a 787-foot tower (240 metres) is taking shape that its builders hope will help make solar energy much more cost effective.

Babies born in Haifa's most polluted areas have smaller heads, study claims
Experts slam 'panic-inducing' reports into health study on Haifa babies