This Handbook is designed to provide jurists with an overview of environmental constitutionalism: we address what it is, the peculiar practical and procedural issues it presents, and how courts from around the globe have engaged it.

In order to minimize the enormous amount of air pollution generated by unregulated West Bank charcoal kilns, Israeli and Palestinian authorities are establishing a modern production factory in the

The forest fires of the past few years will only get worse in the years to come, experts warned Sunday.

With the leak plugged and the substance that oozed out apparently headed downstream toward Saudi Arabia, underwater life in the Gulf of Eilat seems to have been spared any damage from the Jordanian

Bill to slash taxes on rooftop solar panels advances As Kinneret water level plummets, residents fear effects of prolonged drought

Israel’s flora and fauna are quite diverse in relation to the country’s size, but they are rapidly dwindling, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Ministry.

While the work was being done off the coast of the city’s Kiryat Haim neighborhood, a boat carrying out the dismantling process accidentally damaged one of the pipes, causing the remaining oil cont

The water shortage in northern Israel is the worst in 100 years, according to new data from the Water Authority.

Greece, Britain and Israel sent planes and helicopters to Cyprus on Monday to fight one of the largest forest fires to hit the island in years, and a firefighter was killed when a water carrier ove

Residents were evacuated from their homes on several streets in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem Thursday as an enormous forest fire, fanned by high winds, swept toward the area.