Innovative technology and consolidation ofscattered land holdings has made agriculture profitable in UP

most of Iraq's farms are in a bad state, says the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ). The famous fertile fields of Mesopotamia's have been ruined due to

MECHANICAL mining rights are being considered on the flood-prone Kalu Ganga south of Colombo for the South African gem trading company, Colombo Sapphire Ltd. According to Panos Features, this will

THE BANGLADESH government has said the ecosystem in the southwestern part of the country is threatened by the excessive diversion of water from the Ganga at the Farakka barrage, 19.2 km from its

Each year the world loses $42.3 billion because of desertification. But when its leaders meet to discuss the fast spreading problem, all they can do is wrangle about funds

NGOs stressed the empowerment of local communities as an important factor in halting desertification

Thai farmers switched to tapioca in the 1960s to meet the demand in the European market. But today, European environmentalists are demanding the imports be stopped because tapioca has ruined the soil in Thailand

Fluctuations in the international cotton market has resulted in massive degradation of land in West Africa

MOUNTAINS have always enjoyed a special status. Their beauty and mysticism have inspired poets, philosophers and even fairy-tale tellers. We accept their importance as sources of minerals and water,

Urban waste will cease to be a problem if it is treated as a resource rather than refuse from consumption, which requires disposal.