The National Bureau of Soil Survey & Land Use Planning (nbss&lup), Nagpur, has finally completed its work on detailed soil resource mapping (srm) of all the Indian states. J L Sehgal, director,

A so called farmer's cooperative fertiliser company is ruining agricultural land in Uttar Pradesh

Papua New Guinea has come a long way from a society that began cultivating crops in 8000 BC and had no need for a market economy. It came in touch with the outside world just about 100 years ago. Today, it exports minerals and imports food. The people com

In Down To Earth's first Country Report, ANIL AGARWAL and SUNITA NARAIN look at Papua New Guinea, its short but volatile transition to the market economy, its unique land tenure system and the mining and forestry sectors.

A recent exhibition in Delhi drew crowds looking for discounts and new gadgets. But how many paid attention to a special section on the danger to the environment and the need for eco friendly development?

"What are we supposed to feel when a sarkari animal carries our children away? Are we still supposed to love the animal and the sarkar?" This plea by an activist working with poor people living in

IT HAS taken almost two decades of consistent research into the northeastern tribal practice of shifting agriculture for P S Ramakrishna, professor of ecology at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, to explode the myth that the system is primitiv

The environment ministers of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma and India are likely to meet soon to work out a clean-up programme for the Himalaya. The idea for the 'Save

The Ganga Mukti Andolan is endeavouring to free a stretch of the Ganga and the exploited fisherfolk that derive their livelihood from it from the clutches of landowners and mafia gangs.

PERHAPS no environmental problem affects the poor of the world as much as desertification. The UN Environmental Programme UNEP says this has affected 900 million people and 6.1 billion ha. But desertification is an issue far more complex than just degr