God made all humans equal, but some are more equal than others when it comes to consuming the world's resources

A SATELLITE picture of the Earth, taken at night, would show a steady stream of light along the world's coastlines. Half the world's population - about 3.2 billion people - live and work within

A small area in northern Vadodara is cluttered with nearly 200 industries, most of them dealing in chemicals. This has created serious environmental problems. The water is unfit for drinking, the air full of toxins, and the once-rich farmland surrounding

Toxic pesticides that contaminate the soil and enter the food chain need to be replaced with non-toxic ones.

The Indira Gandhi canal project is a costly failure that has led to destruction of habitat and loss of arable land

Rise in infectious diseases in the canal s command area

Ecological imbalance and pestilence in western Rajasthan

Adaptation in the desert

rangelands are those areas which for reasons of physical limitations like low and erratic precipitation, rough topography, poor drainage and cold temperatures are unsuitable for cultivation.

groundwater depletion and land degradation have be