smugglers have now become active in the buffer zone of the Silent Valley too. More than six hectares of Kakkivani Malavaram evergreen virgin forests connecting Silent Valley with the Muthikulam

Increasing water harvesting and water conservation is the only way to ensure food security

Under the Lok Vaniki scheme, a farmer can extract benefits from his land by selling its produce, including timber

The magic of the Himalaya is heady. It has led many researchers and travelers to record their impression of this mountain range. Hima

Shifting agriculture on the hillsides has been going on for centuries. In recent times, it has been blamed for degrading the ecology. Agriculture is a sound ecological management strategy, provided it is sustainable

Pakistan is incurring an annual economic loss of US $1.8 billion because of mismanagement in six key environmental areas, according to Omar Asghar, the country's federal minister for environment,

A total of 2.4 billion people across the world do not have any access

Over grazing is leading to the degradation of pasture lands

What slaughter mining and power plants have done to the people and the environment

Nationalisation of coalmines has failed badly