Land Degradation

Land Degradation

Land is the most vital and heavily threatened natural resource in Sri Lanka. Degradation of land due to soil erosion is of much concern because of its consequences on agriculture, which is a major contributor to the country's GDP. It is estimated that about 5-10 mm of topsoil is lost every year.

John Gordon believes a song can get people thinking. He spends the better part of a year teaching musicians from Australia’s aboriginal communities modern recording techniques. An experience that brought him in touch with environmental problems. Ruhi Kandhari caught up with the protest songwriter who was in Delhi to promote his song, Australia—Whore of the world.

The paper is an incisive theoretical overview of the continuing conflict between oil companies and host communities in the Niger-Delta of Nigeria. It examine the contending issues around the substantive functions of oil companies and the latent consequences of environmental degradation which has remained a constant source of friction between oil companies and host communities.

While Government turned a blind eye towards mining excesses in Advalpal, villagers today obtained relief from the High Court by virtue of a petition filed by a nine-year old boy who raised the question of sustainability.

The role envisioned for liquid biofuels for transport has come under increased scrutiny in the past year or two, due to the potential social and environmental impacts associated with scaling up biofuels production and use from its low level

The invitation was innocuous. The Confederation of Indian Industry cii the grouping of the large and most powerful industries was convening a meet on forests. The purpose, said the invitation which reached us by chance ,

Everybody knows one hand of the government does not know what the other is up to. But it does make a difference when a proposed programme of the government contradicts and, perhaps, even fatally

Both India and China are ancient civilisations possessing characteristic indigenous knowledge of conservation of natural ecosystems. The Chinese have recognised the potential of traditional knowledge and regard religious forests as an asset and an importa

the seeds of a novel programme to reduce the rice-wheat predominance in Punjab's cropping pattern have been planted. The state recently launched a multi-crop, multi-year contract farming programme.

Australia s move to return to aborigines land located on former nuclear test site draws flak