In an effort to save the plains from the ravages of floods, the authorities in Dhaka are indirectly harming the country's fish population.

The entry of large business houses into the Sundarbans is not only jeopardising the interests of local fisherfolk, but also causing major ecological damage.

The earnings generated between prawn farming and prawn export show an 80 fold jump.

Attacks on prawn collectors by kamot, a small species of shark, are normally fatal.

The newly-formed combined committee on wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs faces a big challenge from heavy encroachments and popular opposition

Nearly 50% of terrigenous materials delivered to the world's oceans are delivered through just twenty-one major river systems. These river-dominated coastal margins (including estuarine and shelf ecosystems) are thus important both to the regional enhancement of productivity and to the global flux of C that is observed in land-margin ecosystems. The tropical regions of the biosphere are the most biogeochemically active coastal regions and represent potentially important sinks of C in the biosphere.

Leaf fall and reproductive phenology of Avicennia marina assessed during 1982-83 using litter fall collections from twenty-five sites in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand revealed major trends with latitude. Flowering shifted from NovemberDecember in northern tropical sites, to May-June in southern temperate sites. Periods between flowering and fruiting increased from two to three months in tropical sites to ten months in southernmost sites. Leaf fall was more variable with unimodal annual peaks in temperate sites and often multimodal patterns in the tropics.

Only the combined study of all the proposed power projects on the Konkan coastal belt, will give the real picture of the possible impact on the environmental of these plants, says the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).

The 200-km-long Konkan coastline is expected to have around 15 thermal power plants, with a capacity of around 23,000MW.

MUMBAI harbour, where operations were disrupted after Saturday

The analysis is done to reveal how light pollution affects protected areas. Hence, two new variables was created from combining the global protected area distribution data and nighttime lights data: a Protected Area Light Pollution Index (PALI) and a Protected Area Human Impact Index (PAHI).