the Gujarat government's move to

The Sri Lanka government plans to establish a Mangrove Park, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, to promote conservation of mangrove forests in the country. The 10-hectare park is to be situated

sight-seeing boats are threatening

THE ecosystem of the world's largest mangrove, the Sundarbans in West Bengal, was falling apart until local forest authorities took up conservation projects to educate the locals and wean them away

The Orissa High Court has directed the state government to declare the entire forest land within the Bhitarkanike wildlife sanctuary as a reserve forest. The sanctuary, rich with biomass, has been at

Shrimp farms in Latin America produce a quarter of the three million tonnes of shrimp consumed worldwide each year. Consequently, shrimp farmers are destroying the mangrove forests to make shrimp

The brackish water nourishing Bangladesh's Sundarbans supports a refuge for rare species, but their drinking grounds are getting saline and the world's largest mangrove forest "Sunderbans' is

PARTNERS in peril is a film on the life of the people living in the Sundarbans and the state of resources in the area. Sundarbans is the only

For almost four decades, unabated flaring of associated gas and oil spills have destroyed a large portion of Nigeria's mangroves in the Niger Delta of the country's southeastern coast. Associated

In a bid to protect the ecology of the Kumarakom bird sanctuary, the Kerala High Court recently directed the state government and the Taj Kerala Hotels and Resorts Ltd not to cut,