following the bursting of an effluent pipeline running through a marine national park in Jamnagar, Gujarat, more than 7,000 mangrove trees and rare marine plants and animals were destroyed. The

The term cyclone includes all tropical storms. They start as swirls of cloud and rain that eventually intensify into storms.The Indian sub-continent is the worst affected part in the world. Although

mangrove vegetation along the 30,000 square kilometre coastline of Gujarat has reduced by 33.5 per cent in past two decades, reveals satellite data from the space application centre of the Indian

chilika lake, Asia's biggest saltwater lake, situated in Orissa is still awaiting a complete ban on prawn farming. Despite violent conflicts between traditional and non-traditional fishermen over

Orissa cyclone death toll was higher due to the destruction of mangrove forests

The Andhra Pradesh government has given an assurance that the interests of the small farmers and the landless poor will not be ignored during the distribution of 35 lakh hectares of degraded forest

How shrimp cultivation turned a mangrove forest into a saline desert

Pakistan federal minister

the Forum for Planned Industrialisation of Kutch has written to the Gujarat

The estuary at the mouth of Ashtamudi lake in Kollam district of Kerala was once famous for its mangroves. Today, after more than three decades of wilful destruction, all that remains of the