Fishermen shot Two people were shot dead and two others drowned in the Indian Ocean when the Sri Lankan Navy opened fire at Indian fishermen on March 29. According to the Tamil Nadu Fisheries

Indira Hiriway of the Centre for Development Alternatives in Ahmedabad has recently produced a working paper on the valuation of mangroves in Gujarat.


So, is there any way the islands can be saved while maintaining the ecological balance of this unique mangrove system?

Rising sea levels are real. A trip to the Sunderbans, in the Bay of Bengal, shows how devastating it can be in tandem with insidious tidal erosion. One inhabited island has gone under and 7,000 people displaced in the past 30 years. This is just the tip o

ON September 22, around 50,000 people gathered at Kharo Chaan, 150 km southeast of Karachi in Pakistan, for quite an unprecedented festival