The Sunderbans are perhaps the last true wild frontier of the Indian Subcontinent and conflict between man and animal is quite common. On the initiative both of the Field Director of the Tiger Reserve and WWF India West Bengal State Office several local youth, who before mostly had been poachers, were motivated to support the Forest Department in different conservation

The visual media is into the business of producing images. Sometimes, just sometimes, they become iconic. For disasters there is a recognisable visual trope hungry people chasing, looting or scrabbling when a relief convoy happens by. Just as the hands

Mangroves, although have unique ecological characteristics and multifarious uses are in a very much degraded state. In Orissa, except Bhitarkanika, the small patches of mangroves which are available along the coastal track are considered as the relics of a glorious past when thousands hectare of land was covered with mangroves.

Stolen forests is a book of images and critical text about the state of the forests of Bangladesh. Author Philip Gain has been through the forests in hills, coast and plains at different times for about two decades. This book reflects his predilection for images of forests; and to him forests are not just trees and the wildlife they support but also the communities that live in the forests, their knowledge, education, history, traditions, technology, culture and lots more.

Gujarat state has the longest coastline and stands second in mangrove area coverage among all the states of the country. Moreover, recent incidents of tsunami has strengthened the importance of mangroves as a shelterbelt which reduce the impact. This publication provides the insight into the history of mangrove forests, their present status as well as various legal frame works for protection and will help in devising the course of action for future management.

"... Your ministry is responsible for all the destruction and killing of 12,000 people on the coast..."

SFR 2003 comprises of seven chapters and a number of annexures. The introductory chapter gives historical information, highlights important features of the report, describes various concepts and explains several important terms used in this report. The chapter on forest cover describes methodology and results of forest cover assessment.

Letter to secretary (forests) Govt of Gujarat to Asstt Inspector General of Forests on diversion of 1850 ha (approved area 1840 ha.) of forest land for high purity salt in favour of M/s. Adani Chemicals Ltd., in Kutch Distt., Gujarat dated 13th May 2004.

Degradation of mangroves affects reef fish population

There's fresh hope for the Sunder