THE West Bengal government has been chided by the Union ministry of environment and forests (MEF) for cutting down mangroves over an area of 1,750 ha in the Sunderbans region without procuring

Studies conducted on the Vietnamese coast reveal that mangroves are among the best defences one could put up against the ravages of the sea

A RECENT study of the sea defences around the Gulf of Tonking in northern Vietnam highlights the role of mangroves in strengthening the coastal defences. Researchers from the University of

The Japanese have come to the rescue of ailing mangrove trees in Sri Lanka. Japan's Institute of Technology on Fisheries and Fishing Communities has come forward to provide aid for a major mangrove

Aggressive shrimp farming is slowly breaking down the last ecological barrier against tidal waves and cyclonic gales in coastal Andhra Pradesh. Rapacious aquafarmers are marauding the rich mangroves

Letter to deputy forest protector, East Kutch forest department to the Kutch collector on matter pertaining allocation of land located at Mudra Taluka, Kutch District on rent to Adani Chemicals Ltd, for the production of salt.

The booming prawn industry in Sri Lanka has Worried environmentalists. They fear that mangroves will be destroyed to make way for prawn farms and that prime land will be encroached

The Orissa high court has put the commissioning of a controversial jetty at the Bhitarkanika sanctuary on hold

A unique database on mangroves -- the Mangrove Ecosystem Information Service (MEIS) -- developed by the Centre for Research in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (CRSARD) in Madras, will

In an effort to save the plains from the ravages of floods, the authorities in Dhaka are indirectly harming the country's fish population.