Cameroon and Chad have signed an accord to ramp up efforts to fight poachers who kill hundreds of elephants a year in a protected park on their common border, ministers from both nations said.

Scientific experiments using monkeys should continue in the UK subject to rigorous safeguards, according to a review of research over a 10-year period.

Deforestation is rapidly transforming primary forests across the tropics into human-dominated landscapes. Consequently, conservationists need to understand how different taxa respond and adapt to these changes in order to develop appropriate management strategies.

MUMBAI: Alarmed by the massive damage caused to food crops the agricultural produce by monkeys, neighbouring the Ratnagiri zilla parishad has prepared an ambitious Rs 50 lakh plan to tackle the menace.

''Farmers in the Konkan region were facing a lot of problems due to the increasing monkey menace in the entire Konkan region were passing through a critical period owing to exponential growth in

In the present study, we surveyed the primate species in the Highwavy Mountains of Tamil Nadu, India. Five primate species, including Nilgiri langur, Hanuman langur, bonnet macaque, lion-tailed macaque and

Species conservation is difficult. Threats to species are typically high and immediate. Effective solutions for counteracting these threats, however, require synthesis of high quality evidence, appropriately targeted activities, typically costly implementation, and rapid re-evaluation and adaptation.

A fresh headcount of monkeys to make the latest assessment of the extent of human-monkey conflict on the ground is on the cards, after increased demands from affected farmer groups for need to review the state wildlife department

The animal house at Panjab University (PU) is not only catering to experimental requirements of various science departments at the university but also from outside university. The house fulfills the requirement of around 1,000 animals every year in addition to a colony of 2500 rats and mice, 10 rabbits and around 15 sheep maintained at the house.

Himachal Pradesh

As we hurtle headlong into the twenty-first century creating technologies, breathing development, and grabbing land and resources, most of us will readily acknowledge that we may be harming the natural world by our actions and that we must do what we can to correct this. Judging from the enthusiastic