Four years of scientific expeditions have found previously unknown animals and plants in world's largest tropical rainforest

The population of monkeys, who have become nuisance for farmers and people in Himachal Pradesh, has come down by 55,000 as per the latest census conducted by the state forest department, forest min

The Wildlife Wing of the Forest Department will undertake a monkey census on June 29 to see whether the sterilisation of 68,000 simians in the state has succeeded in putting a much-needed check on

The state Wildlife Department will get a fresh population estimation of leopards, snow leopards and monkeys done with the help of experts who will suggest ways and means to reduce man-animal conflict resulting in increased attacks by wild animals.

Experts from an NGO headed by Vidya Athreya, a wildlife biologist, will hold a meeting with the officials of the Wildlife Department here on May 20 to work out a strategy for reducing the increasing man-animal conflict. There is also a proposal to undertake radio-collaring of at least six leopards which will help in analysing their behaviour and tracking their movement.

Apes and Old World monkeys are prominent components of modern African and Asian ecosystems, yet the earliest phases of their evolutionary history have remained largely undocumented. The absence of crown catarrhine fossils older than ~20 million years (Myr) has stood in stark contrast to molecular divergence estimates of ~25–30 Myr for the split between Cercopithecoidea (Old World monkeys) and Hominoidea (apes), implying long ghost lineages for both clades.

Researchers have discovered a population of 200 of the world's rarest orangutans hiding in the forests of Indonesia.

The Peruvian night monkey has never before been studied in the wild. But new research shows that protecting forests – even small fragments – is vital to the species' survival

IMPHAL: Wildlife books, written a few decades ago say that many species of animals and birds were available in plenty in Manipur.

SOME of the richest and most biodiverse forests in Indonesia will soon be opened up for commercial exploitation under a plan drafted by the new government of Aceh.

With a steep decline in the forest area due to large-scale commercialisation, the population of monkey is witnessing a sharp increase in Kasauli tehsil owing to loss of habitat in the last few year