Parliamentary standing committee on science and technology, environment and forests urges the environment ministry to give funds to Tamil Nadu to rejuvenate all the lakes including the one at Ooty under the National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems

Focus on number of predators and prey base, besides health of forest vegetation.

Wildlife activists are up in arms after a group of tourists entered the core area of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) in the Nilgiris and took out a night safari with the help of forest officials on W

CHENNAI: Researchers examining elephant dung in the Nilgiris have found plastic, tetra packs and small cups made of thermocol in the poop, leading to concerns about enforcement of rules for visitor

The Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) near here is in a state of high alert following bush fires breaking out in some parts of the reserve.

COIMBATORE: One in every four tiger deaths reported across the country this year has been from Tamil Nadu.

Global change is impacting forests worldwide, threatening biodiversity and ecosystem services including climate regulation. Understanding how forests respond is critical to forest conservation and climate protection. This review describes an international network of 59 long-term forest dynamics research sites (CTFS-ForestGEO) useful for characterizing forest responses to global change. Within very large plots (median size 25 ha), all stems ≥1 cm diameter are identified to species, mapped, and regularly recensused according to standardized protocols.

The third synchronized all India tiger census that is held once in every four years will begin on Monday.

Due to their secretive habits, predicting the pattern of spatial distribution of small carnivores has been typically challenging, yet for conservation management it is essential to understand the association between this group of animals and environmental factors. We applied maximum entropy modeling (MaxEnt) to build distribution models and identify environmental predictors including bioclimatic variables, forest and land cover type, topography, vegetation index and anthropogenic variables for six small carnivore species in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.

Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Monday allocated Rs 2.81 crore for sinking of deep bore wells and building overhead tanks to supply water within forest areas, with a view to prevent wild animals f